Changing the way Jupiter & Palm Beach Gardens Sees ... 
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                                                            Changing the way Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens Sees … 
                                                               One Patient at a time.


    Eyeglass frames are available in a variety of
styles and sizes that allow you to portray the image you want to show the world. Our optical offers the latest in top designer lines thereby providing you with the latest in fashion styles whether it be traditional or more contemporary designs. We take great pride in providing you and your family with the latest technology in lens designs to help provide you with all of your vision needs.  Whether you need single vision lenses for reading or driving, progressive lenses that allow for distance, computer and near vision without a  line, special occupational lenses to see your computer at a specific distance or safety lenses for children or high risk work environments, our experienced staff will help you decide what lens options will work best for you.

New lens materials have revolutionized the quality
and benefits of lenses:


  • Thinner, lighter lenses eliminate the thick edges everyone with a high prescription. They are more attractive, comfortable and usually safer  than most traditional lens materials.

  • Photochromatic or Transition lenses allow you to have the added benefit of having your lenses darken outdoors and lighten back to normal when indoors. This is such an ideal feature for all Floridians! The amount the lenses will darken is dependant on the amount  of direct sun exposure, therefore they do not darken completely in the car because the windshield blocks some of the UV exposure needed to activate the lens.

  • Ultraviolet lens coatings can be applied to most lenses and helps to reduce the harmful ultraviolet rays that cause cataracts and some macular problems . The lens  appearance can be clear or further enhanced with tints.

  • Antireflective coatings will help reduce night glare while driving, reduce computer eyestrain by reducing glare from computer screen and also improves the cosmetics of your glasses. We proudly offer only the best antireflective coatings on the market which are guaranteed not to peel and offers scotch guard protector to help keep your lenses clean.

  • Digital Progressive Lenses offer you the latest and best progressive corridor available on the market.  Patients can now benfit from less distortion and larger corridors for viewing distance, computer and near ranges without a cosmetically unappealing line in their lenses!

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